Recommend a Friend to Save Money


Recommend E-safety Support Membership for saving on your renewal

As a valued E-safety Support member, we truly appreciate your recommendation. That’s why for just spreading the word and recommending us to other schools you could earn up to 100% off your next E-safety Support membership renewal.

E-safety Support membership offers schools a selection of resources to help keep pupils and staff safe online. These include:

Resources for students - including lesson plans and assembly plans

Guidance for teachers - special reports, regular articles and advice on e-safety issues

Tools for school management - including policy templates, online e-safety training, parent support and audit tools

Here is how you could save money

Earning your savings is easy, simply let us know that you want to tell other schools how they can benefit from E-safety Support membership and;

  • we will give you a unique code which you can pass on to your colleagues,

  • for each new Premium or Premium Plus member who joins using the code, we will knock 10% off your next renewal,

  • recommend 10 new members and you get 100% off your next renewal,

  • plus, anyone who uses your code will also get 10% off their joining fee too!
  • To request your unique Recommend a Friend Code, email me and I will also provide you with an E-safety Support membership information sheet, which you can pass on to other schools.

    If you are considering becoming an E-safety Support Premium or Premium Plus member, call Tina or Amy on 0113 266 0880 to find out how you too can save through the recommend a friend offer.

    2014-07-15 00:00:00 UTC