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Safeguarding Essentials provides a number of surveys allowing you to build up a comprehensive picture of the current state of the e-safety knowledge and awareness of your staff, pupils and other members of your school community.

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Audit tool survey - Questions for KS1/KS2 Pupils
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These E-safety Support resources offer simple questionnaires that you can use with your key stage 1 and key stage 2 pupils to learn how they are using the Internet and to gauge their understanding of appropriate use. Both questionnaires are in multiple choice format, with more detailed questions for the older students. You can use the results to assess the e-safety learning requirements in your class and identify areas where they are potentially at risk.

Resource type: AUDIT SURVEYS Education level: Primary
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Audit tool survey - Questions for KS3/KS4 Pupils
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As pupils become more advanced users of the Internet, it is important to understand how they interact with other users and also how they perceive the online actions of themselves and their peers. The E-safety Support audit for key stage 3 and key stage 4 offers a detailed self-assessment for pupils, which will help you to understand not only the actions of your pupils but also the thoughts and behaviours associated with their Internet use.

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Resource type: AUDIT SURVEYS Education level: Secondary
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Audit tool survey - Questions for Staff, SLTs and Governors
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Ensuring that the whole school is familiar with e-safety issues extends from the students to the staff, the senior leadership team and through to the governors. These E-safety Support audit surveys are designed to help ensure that your school is making everyone aware of their responsibilities in delivering a comprehensive e-safety strategy. The multiple choice questionnaires will monitor the awareness of e-safety issues and the schools’ policy in practice among this key stakeholder group.

Resource type: AUDIT SURVEYS Education level: All Levels

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